Pneumatic Quick Couplings (1)

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Pneumatic Quick Couplings (1)
Introduction:Pneumatic quick connector is mainly used for air piping, pneumatic tools, quick connectors, no tool is able to achieve piping connected or disconnected connectors.

Pneumatic quick connector type:
1. Structure can be divided into:
A: Open at both ends closed:
do not link - when the mother's ring moved to the other end of the stainless steel beads automatically outward rolling, daughter mother and daughter to force the operation of the valve spring force disconnectdaughter and mother's valve respective closed, and instantly blocking the fluid flow. Link - when the daughter into the mother, the rings under the action of the spring back to the original
Position, rolling steel ball locking child in close connection, while the mother and daughter, valves with each other to promote open, fluid circulation, the O-ring can completely block the leakage of fluid.