Pneumatic Quick Couplings (2)

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Pneumatic Quick Couplings (2)
B: Open at both ends of the link - when the mother's ring was pushed to the other side of the ball is automatically out rolling, so the daughter is removed; daughter and mother are no valves, fluid trying to get out. Link - when the daughter into the mother, the rings by the action of the spring pushing to the previous position caused by ball bearing locking, fluid flow, the O-ring to prevent fluid leakage.

C:Single retractable not link - when the mother's ring moved to the other end of the stainless steel beads automatically outward rolling, sub-body reaction of the valve spring bounce, the valve will automatically shut down to block fluidflow. Link - when the daughter into the maternal side of the ferrule, the valve is opened to cause fluid flow washer spring force to push back to the original position, stainless steel bead lock washers to ensure that the child / parent connection, which completely blocked the leakage of the fluid.

Scope of application:Pneumatic air piping, air compressors, grinders, air drills, impact wrenches, air transport screwdrivers and other tools to connect with quick connector