Gun use and maintenance,adjustments,sealing

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Gun use and maintenance,adjustments,sealing
Gun use and maintenance

Spray gun should be chosen from the reclaimed fill a vacancy, the primer coating, increasing the role of coating thickness, the primer of the larger particle size, viscosity, a larger proportion, emphasizing the large amount of the paint, so spraying primer spray gun nozzle to a large diameter bottom receptacle paint cans should be larger. Topcoat spray in the atomization of the degree requirements, often used in smaller diameter and atomization good gun. Commonly used spray gun nozzle of a different caliber, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.2 mm 2.5 mm and other models can be selected according to the size of the object to the spray paint and spray. For example: the caliber 2.0 -2 · 5mm, commonly used to spray the coarse grain size, the viscosity of the primer or a large area of spray; caliber 1.5 -1 8mm, mainly used to spray the finish; caliber 0 6-1 · 3mm, mainly for spraying small parts or crafts.
Spray gun adjustments

The adjustment of gun is pointed out that the volume and adjust the amount of paint. This is the main factor of two interlinked. The volume is too small and difficult to make the atomization of the liquid paint, paint liquid into droplets floating down the make the film uneven. The size of the amount of paint corresponds to the size of the gas, a good fit of the gas and the corresponding amount of paint to be adjusted before the spray paint liquid atomization evenly sprayed on the object plane. Adjust the gun to listen (listen to the airflow sound, know the flow size) depends (see the gun mouth of the degree of atomization of the liquid paint and the size of the fan-shaped area). Several important parameters of the gun are as follows: Air pressure: spray air pressure is generally (0.4 - 0.6Mpa); spray width: spray in the operating surface of the width of approximately 10cm; Spray distance: spray gun with a muzzle and spray material between the distance of 15 - 20cm; movement speed: the movement speed of the spray gun is typically 30 - 60cm / s; overlapping ranges of each gun in the overlapping range: Spray 1/2--1/3 (crack paint excluded); spray angle: the angle between the muzzle and the spray material is generally 90 °.
Gun maintenance

Spray gun after use, spray cleaning spray paint thinner until the wash of the spray gun paint channel. Otherwise gun paint dry blockage will affect the normal use of the gun. Specific cleaning methods; turn off compressed air, remove the storage paint cans, guns inside the paint back into the storage paint cans, the cans of paint into the container; pour about 1/4 volume of solvent to the storage paint tank wash, storage paint cans fitted and connected to compressed air, repeated rock spray several times; open the nozzle, fitted using the solvent wash clean; erase gun body paint.

Wash spray gun should pay attention to the following: with a soft brush, scrub and prohibiting the use of metal brushes, are not allowed to be stabbed with a hard object, scratching, to prevent wear of the nozzle, the jet shape change; avoid gun directly soaked in the solvent, residual anti-coating attached to the mechanical and melted guns lubricants, you can use a soft cloth contaminated with solvents; knurled parts on the gun are adjusted by hand to avoid the use of pliers tool; on a regular basis in the needle valve and bolt pin at the drop of oil; on a regular basis the application of light grease or petroleum jelly to lubricate the needle valve and needle valve springs may not use silicon oil.
Sealing of the spray booth

Equipped with air purification and filtration devices, air cleaner, clean the spray room, spray room doors and windows should be used 200 mesh silk cloth was installed in the doors and windows, air to be filtered into the spray booth, dust, purify the purpose. The bench in front of the curtain machines and exhaust fans, flying paint mist when spraying operations can be discharged by the exhaust fan outside, keep indoor air fresh, so conducive to the health of the operator, but also prevents the flying paint fog splashed on the surface to be painted after the spraying, to ensure the formation of the surface to be painted, smooth.