Gun to introduce and use and type

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Gun to introduce and use and type
Gun to introduce and use:
Generated by the air compressor, compressed air gun air cap of the front of the jet, in the paint nozzle connected to the front of a depressed area of low pressure greater than atmospheric. This pressure difference generated in the gun port put the paint from the paint tank suction, and the role of high-speed compressed air jet force, atomized into particles sprayed on the surface to be painted.
1, air cover 7, needle catheter 14, the volume adjustment knob 20, the air valve seat

2, the coating nozzle 9, the needle valve spring 15, the board machine fixed ring 21, paint conveyor interface

3, the needle valve ring 10, the needle valve 16, the board machine horizontal jumper 22, the tool wrench

4, the needle valve screw 11, the needle valve ring 17, trigger 23, the cleaning brush

5, spray adjustment device 12 grips 18, the air valve spring 24, the intake pipe joints

6, the fuel adjustment knob 13, the interface 19 of the air pipe, air valve

The type of gun:

According to the principle of the gun work can be divided into three categories: 1 coating gravity and front-end vacuum suction gravity; 2 using only the front-end vacuum suction Suction; the 3 paint pump pressure to paint sent to the nozzle front end of the pressure to send . In addition, the use of different types of coatings can be divided into the primer spray gun, paint gun and small gun.
1. Gravity                                                           2. Suction                                             3. Pressure